justsystems release xmetal document management sytem
Documents and applications; they make up the backbone for any wired business, but what happens when these two separate things converge into one? According to JustSystems, you get the future of XML document authoring. And so JustSystems introduces the latest version of XMetaL Author Enterprise and XMetaL Reviewer, transforming documents into a dynamic experience. Justsystems, Inc. is the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide provider of XML and information management technologies. Their latest releases work to advance the technology for JustSystem’s vision of “the document as the application”. “The vision for the document as the application is about uniting live, dynamic data and content from across the enterprise as part of a powerful document-based application that provides users the most up-to-date information and the richest context possible,” said Jake Sorofman, vice president of marketing and business development for JustSystems. “With XML content serving as a core component of the document as the application, we are committed to reinforcing XMetaL’s position as the premiere solution for XML-based structured authoring and publishing.” The latest release of XMetaL Author Enterprise features extended functionality and gives the users enterprise capabilities for creating, managing and publishing DITA and other XML content. Improvements include: * Extended support for DITA authoring – Xmetal Author Enterprise now provides enhanced support for DITA 1.1, the latest version of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. New features include templates, dialogs, menus, toolbars, styling, and special editing behaviors for most DITA 1.1 elements. * Enhanced publishing – Xmetal Author Enterprise supplements XMetaL’s built-in, fully standards-based publishing support with new features such as enhanced default bookmap rendering, new Deliverable Types, and more. * Infrastructure enhancements - XMetaL Author Enterprise delivers several key enhancements for improved enterprise performance and lower cost administration including certified support for Citrix application servers. The XMetal Reviewer lets organizations accelerate their documentation cycles with collaborative XML document reviewing. Along with enhanced internationalization support and user experience enhancements, improvements include: * Active Directory and LDAP support – XmetaL Reviewer can now integrate with Active Directory and LDAP to leverage existing authentication systems for single sign-on access and simplified enterprise user administration. * Richer collaborative authoring – XmetaL Reviewer is easier to use for those focusing on non-technical subject matters. Contributors can insert addendums or whole sections, suggest a more simplified structural design and format documents regardless of XML proficiency. XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.1 and XMetaL Reviewer 5.3 are available now. You can get XMetal Author Enterprise for US $1195 per user and XMetaL Reviewer for $15,000 per server.