XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and multi-channel delivery solutions, has released a technical white paper that examines potential mainstream uses for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). IETMs are characterized by their use in the military, aerospace, and high technology fields. InfoTrends reviews the IETM technology, which has seen significant advancements by recent trends in content management and other needs of modern technicians. By examining XyEnterprise’s ContentaView as a platform for deploying an intelligent information delivery solution, InfoTrends makes a strong case for IETMs in various consumer markets. The white paper addresses a number of problems and challenges faced by modern technicians and publishers in the development of technical documents.Issues covered, and potentially solved by IETMs with proper execution, include:* The growing amount of content and supporting reference material to be managed and delivered to support a product* Required translations and localization of technical data* Device independence* Publication configurabilityThe granular XML-based content that supports these capabilities makes it possible to tailor information to users' needs on the fly.XML also enables a more consistent back-end content management workflow. XML is flaunted as a lead player in the development of metadata tagging and componentized content, offering more possibilities for security and permission-setting, versioning, configuration applicability, and other value-added information.With feature guided and non-linear navigation, rich-media incorporation, and connections to reasoning engines, InfoTrends sees a wide variety of potential markets for IETMs including, but not limited to, telecom, automotive, and consumer electronics manufacturing.In these industries, the product repair for complex goods must be completed quickly and accurately by technicians of varying skill levels. Many similar parts and models need to be differentiated by product or symptom, and in the case of consumer electronics manufacturing, both technicians and customers need fast access to technical information configured for their skill levels, respective language, display devices, and -- of course -- their immediate (and unique) problems. The use of IETMs improves the user experience by offering a dynamic publishing model and rich metadata linking for structured and unstructured content. From one access point, IETMs can also assist with the following:* Bringing forth relevant, up-to-date information supplied in a timely manner* Assisting in the navigation of part numbers and specifications* Developing a personalized experienceFor more information on this enticing technology, check out XyEnterprise's site, where you can download your own copy of the technical white paper.