Xythos Enterprise Document Management
Xythos is delivering on its promise to put a little more "Web 2.0" into its solutions. Updates for Xythos On Demand, Xythos Enterprise Document Management and the Digital Locker Suite are designed to help organizations contribute and manage content, as well as customize service delivery for specific audiences.

New Features for Xythos

Xythos has added a number of new features, some of which apply to all versions of their solutions, others which are specific to particular solution. Features that apply to all solution offerings -- that we can tell -- include: * Data Recovery: Richer data recovery tools to manage the large amount of user data and accounts that are the norm with customer installations. This includes a new Recycle Bin that also recovers all the properties, versions, log information, subscriptions and workflows that are associated with the recovered document as well. * Drop Box: Drop Box is designed to automate document submissions by keeping track of when a document was submitted and what its original state was. There is no limit on the amount of Drop Boxes that can be created -- and no programming required. * Email Integration: Improved email integration includes the ability to use the out of the box web-based client or your own local client -- i.e. Outlook -- along with an improved wizard to define security on URLs embedded in emails. * Wiki Templates: A number of new wiki templates are included to help capture and organize information * External Users: A new "external users" feature enables better collaboration with outside users by providing them access to clearly defined areas of the site. * New Wizards: Several new wizards have been added including a Folder Creation Wizard and a Classification Wizard.

New Features for Xythos on Demand

Some additional new features added to the SaaS offering Xythos on Demand include: * Personalized Branding: This was something we heard was coming a while ago. You can do things like add a custom logo, change the site title, and replace the logo URL. Not what we would call extensive branding, but a start. * Customized Folder Settings: In past versions you had to work with the folder and classification settings that came out of the box. Now you can modify existing settings and add new ones particular to your specific needs. There are a lot more enhancements that you can take a closer look at either by viewing some Xythos product videos or taking a test drive of one of the versions. It's a little confusing why these upgrades are associated with Web 2.0 features as they don't seem Web 2.0 as much as standard document management improvements for the most part. Regardless, it's a good list of upgrades that should make many a client satisfied.