Xythos: Basic Content Services Get Fancy

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Xythos Software has announced the next big release of its flagship "Basic Content Services" product, Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite (EDMS). EDMS veee 6.0 is getting decidedly less "basic", featuring fully-integrated document management capabilities, including DoD 5015.2 certified records management.Xythos Enterprise Document Manager is a web-based document management application which provides access to a complete set of standard document and file management features including document check-in and check-out, version control, workflow and document classification and retention. EDMS 6.0 introduces new features such as enhanced auditing, role-based security models, improved reporting and archiving, and DoD 5015.2 compliance.Comprehensive records management is the holy grail of compliance officers world-wide. By integrating more comprehensive records management into core products Xythos EDMS is raising the bar and challenging competitors who lag behind with bundled or far more expensive offerings. "While we recognize the importance of what DoD 5015.2 certification means to many of our customers, our goal was to integrate records management into a BCS application in a manner that will be more generally useful," said Ed Miller, Xythos CEO.Can one content services suite do it all? The proof is in the pudding, but applied together these new features will allow customers to distribute records management responsibility and maintain flexibility at a much reduced per user cost. Permanent and vital records management functions are necessary for regulatory compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, SOX and the like,and have the upside of helping organizations respond better during those ever unpleasant disaster recovery scenarios.Recent announcements from Oracle, Microsoft and EMC, and others all indicate continued momentum around document management, records management, and compliance. And while current document management practices are failing, there certainly seems to be room for new positions to be staked.AvailabilityThe v6.0 release is undergoing final certification testing with the DoD Joint Interoperability Test Command this fall and is targeted for general release by end of year.Additional info here: www.xythos.com