xythos releases new software for collaboration
In keeping up with the social networking craze of Web 2.0, Xythos Software has released two new enterprise software suites: Xythos Enterprise Document Management and Digital Locker 7.0. These software suites feature enhanced business process automation and interoperability features along with support for all your favorite Web two-point-oh social networking features like Wikis, content tagging and RSS feeds. This release represents an effort on Xythos's part to keep up with the Web 2.0 times. The rapid evolution of social networking services means that organizations need to provide improved solutions for team collaboration or face irrelevancy. Xythos is responding to this need by offering Web 2.0 collaboration services that take advantage of the advanced security and management features of their underlying application environments. "While it may be acceptable to use Google or Facebook for casual collaboration or media exchange, we still want to manage the services employees use to conduct vital research or manage important business processes," said Joseph Cevetello, Director of Academic Technology at Loyola Marymount University. Xythos' product suites differentiate themselves from traditional ECM systems in that they are already complete web based solutions. Organizations can therefore benefit from a fully integrated set of document collaboration, storage and records management features through a common web interface. Open standards-based design also means that license fees are a fraction of the cost of traditional ECM systems. "In 2006 we tackled records management and delivered a DoD certified solution to help customers better meet compliance requirements", said Kevin Wiggen, chief technology officer at Xythos. "With the new 7.0 product suites we wanted to make sure customers had the tools they needed to capture content at the point of collaboration, so that they could retain complete records of business processes and enhance knowledge sharing." These new software suites join Xythos's existing product line that includes Xythos On Demand, a SaaS document management and collaboration service targeted at SMBs, and their Webfile Development suite. With over 3 million users running their software, Xythos seems to be going strong. Check out their website for more information.