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Hot off its launch and subsequent update of Clearvale Express, Broadvision (news, site) plans to release another update come June 3, featuring custom content, improved media capabilities, better social networking and mobile UI enhancements.

New Features & Improvements

Clearvale's upcoming June update will include the following new features.

  • Custom activity streams enable users to define filters based on people, spaces and content. For example, users can customize their activity stream to display only other people within one's department. This can be easily toggled on and off, so users can switch between the entire feed or just the filtered view.
  • New, streamlined editor has a simplified interface and enables easier media uploads. The simplified user interface will seamlessly transition existing content, although users may lose some formatting functionality. This can be addressed by toggling between visual and source modes for better control.
  • Video improvements entail Clearvale converting all uploaded videos to MPEG-4 and WMV format for best performance in streaming. Users can also select a preview image for uploaded videos. This only affects videos stored on Clearvale itself and not embedded from other sources like YouTube.
  • More activity points are offered, which can accumulate by adding content, following content and giving ratings.
  • The invitation interface has also been improved, with an easier-to-find Invite Members link under the Members tab.
  • Network customizations enable administrators to add or limit features within their network. Admins can enable or disable features at any time, but settings and content can still be stored for later use.

Clearvale activity streams

Aside from these updates, Clearvale's June release will also feature an improved API for connecting with calendar and search apps. The system will also create default forums in all newly-created spaces.

Possible API Incompatibility

Broadvision warns administrators currently using the Clearvale API service that they might have to implement some changes, as Broadvision has disabled HTTP access to certain API calls, particularly cvauth.authenticate, membership.create_user and membership.update_member. These will now require the HTTPS protocol.

Clearvale administrators and users can expect these changes to be rolled out by June 3 for its SaaS Clearvale Enterprise users.