Continuing a string of upgrades that came as recent as this past June, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Central Desktop announced today its latest set of improvements, adding professional project management tools to its namesake technology. 

Key to the upgrade enhancements include: task management, Gantt scheduling charts and resource tracking tools most commonly used by project management professionals. The big benefit for Central Desktop users is that it is “…organically combined into a comprehensive offering versus bolting on features or simply providing a narrow, one-off solution,” the company said today.

By “organic,” the company means combining its growing suite of tools into one tool chest of services to enhance productivity of disparate groups by leveraging the power of their cloud-based services. 

For instance, back in June Central Desktop revealed upgrades consisting of a set of social collaboration tools that included presence detection and team polling features to help quantify opinions in discussion threads. Combining these tools with the latest set of upgrades allows project managers to gain perspective on a project or decision task from participants throughout the enterprise. 
New Projects page in Central Desktop's project management upgrade

New Projects page in Central Desktop's project management upgrade 

Professional Project Management Tool Chest

The upgrade offers three components to professional project management. A “Projects” tab allows users to “…view the status and progress of all milestones, manage task lists, rapidly add tasks and track deadlines and time spent on tasks all in one place,” the company said. 

Start-to-finish project schedules are displayed in Gantt charts that illustrate the project plan “…for a more global and visual perspective of project scheduling.”  Central Desktop also includes enhanced time-tracking functionality that tracks budgeted versus actual time spent on individual tasks, adding insights on project duration. 

“The project management improvements will help our team accomplish key goals, keep a closer eye on costs and better manage resources that could otherwise slow down a project,” said Michelle Wilson of SCS Engineers. “It’s absolutely essential for us to have one central place that brings together all the tools necessary for project planning and execution, so we can keep the focus on our core business and our clients.”

Central Desktop's Gantt chart feature

Central Desktop's Gantt chart feature

More Upgrades Coming 

Central Desktop also indicated this is just the first phase of upgrades in this direction, as the cloud-based social collaboration platform company works to expand into growing markets beyond its core marketing company focus.  In fact, the Pasadena, Calif.-based company has had several upgrade announcements this year, starting in March with its Common Ground Edition, offering review-and-approve components that target marketing companies.

The company has been around since 2005, perhaps even predating the term “cloud computing” with 50,000 users and customers that include CBS, Netflix, Harvard University and U.S. government and private agencies.