CorasWorks Enhances SharePoint 2010 with Social Business Capabilities

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CorasWorks (news, site) has joined the growing number of vendors building social business solutions on the SharePoint 2010 platform. Perfect for the small- to mid-sized business, CIM 2.0 offers a well rounded suite of tools for innovation management.

Encouraging Innovation

CorasWorks latest solution is called CIM 2.0 and it offers two key capabilities:

  1. Innovation/Idea Management
  2. Social Business Processes

Both of these capabilities are prime examples of how to bring social features into the enterprise to encourage employees to be become active participants.

Innovation Management

There are any number of use cases for innovation management in an organization and it's quickly becoming a popular capability to have, especially if you think you have a talented and bright pool of employees from whom ideas are brimming.


CIM 2.0: Idea Community

You will find pretty much everything you need here including submitting and collaborating on ideas, rating, commenting and promotion, idea communities (shown above) and campaigns, rich dashboards and reporting, structured reviews and approval processes, etc.

There are also modules for project and portfolio management, and you can drive and track activities that result from winning ideas.

It's also good that you don't have to use all the modules, so if you are just getting your feet wet, you can start small and build on it as you understand how to best implement it into your organization.

Learning Opportunities

Social Business Processes

Every organization has business processes. CIM 2.0 enables you to take your ad-hoc business processes and add structure and the social element. With Social Business Processes you can create communities and portals, set up workflows and encourage collaboration via commenting, rating, etc. You can automate tasks and conduct peer and expert reviews, and more.


Social Business Processes

Social Business Processes are said to be easily configurable to your organization's needs.

Supporting Social Business

The list of features for CIM 2.0 is wide and varied, but in line with what most other social business software vendors typically provide. It runs on either SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 and leverages the CorasWorks Solutions Platform. It's also available as both an on premise and cloud solution.

In a post on the CorasWorks blog, William said this about CIM2.0:

We simply see that there is a great need for nice, clean, robust social business processes that work well in the middle.  They are not totally social.  And, they are not about deep, sequential processes.  They address the scenarios where you want a clean stage-gate type business process that is open and engages a broader group of people in a collaborative, interactive way.

Does CIM 2.0 help bridge enterprise collaboration and business processes? Yes, it does appear to offer a good combination of both. Is it something completely different, a new category of social business, which they lightly suggest? Not exactly. There are different views and adaptations of "social BPM", CIM 2.0 is simply another one that appears best suited for SMBs.