Huddle (news, site) has entered in the hybrid cloud space by offering a private cloud version of its enterprise collaboration platform. It's just what the government ordered.

Huddle in Private

Who cares if Google has kind of borrowed its name, Huddle is still an enterprise collaboration platform with plenty of customers, of whom government is a major one.

Today the vendor announced through a partnership with FCO Services (a supplier of secure ICT services), it now offers a private version of its collaboration platform, secure enough for government offices who use IL3 (RESTRICTED) content.

The new services is called Huddle IL3 and it is hosted on FCO Services’ Government Secure Application Environment (GSAE) cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure was built specifically for government and is hosted by government, so it's the logical location for Huddle's private offering.

Prior to this, Huddle was certified for government up to IL2 and it has a number of UK government departments using it today. 

Says Alastair Mitchell, CEO, Huddle:

Working together, we are combining Huddle’s expertise in online collaboration with FCO Services’ experience of providing essential, secure support services to government at higher security levels. Rather than battling with costly on-premise systems, government now has the opportunity to deploy a secure online application that enables people to get their job done. Being cloud-based, Huddle IL3 can reduce the management overheads of technology infrastructure, increase flexibility and improve productivity.”

Governments Need Secure Collaboration

There is an increasing need to reduce costs everywhere, and government is no exception. Many organizations see moving services into the cloud is a way to help reduce costs, as you don't need to worry about development teams, on premise infrastructure and support costs.

And, of course, collaboration solutions are a must-have these days as we work across virtual boundaries and distributed teams.

We evaluated Huddle's platform recently and found it had a number of nice features for document collaboration and team services.

According to eWeek, Huddle is also working with the government to establish mobile access to Huddle IL3 for sometime next year.

Huddle IL3 will be available in Q4.