Microsoft SharePoint (news, site) enables collaboration and document sharing within teams. However, bigger organizations that have multiple teams within might experience islands of information as each team has its own unlinked site. Interact's (news, site) SharePoint Connector tool enables document search across multiple SharePoint sites for better knowledge management within the corporate intranet.

Interact SharePoint Connector works by integrating Microsoft Sharepoint into networks running Interact Intranet. This improves an organization's existing intranet by turning it into a searchable knowledge base, with the main goal of eliminating information silos created by internal teams. Interact SharePoint Connector also helps prevent duplication of content, as it ensures users have access to content wherever these are located on the network.

Connector provides two ways for searching SharePoint documents. The first is through a customized widget that Interact will design to meet the organization's requirements. Second is through the main intranet search. Users can use the software's Clever Linker function to create dynamic hyperlinks between documents.


Interact SharePoint Connector

Clever Linking

Interact product manager Simon Dance highlights the collaborative advantages that organizations can get from Connector.

SharePoint is widespread across many businesses, mainly due to the speed and ease with which simple document lists can be created. However, this often leads to a profusion of small, non-linked sites with no central search -- creating knowledge gaps and information silos. The SharePoint Connector tool means that users can now search document libraries across multiple SharePoint sites from a single search in the intranet, without the requirement to migrate all of the existing content."

Interact's SharePoint Connector comes with the Clever Linker tool, which enables users to embed SharePoint documents into different locations, such as message boards, emails, blogs, homepage widgets and documents. According to Dance, these links are dynamic, preventing the occurrence of broken links.

Share point and clever linker

Easy Collaboration Through the Web

SharePoint Connector also enables collaboration on documents without desktop-bound applications. The service includes a web-based editor that can create and modify Microsoft Office documents from within the browser. This lets team members work on Word and PowerPoint documents simultaneously, and they don't need to have Microsoft Office installed. Real-time collaboration can prevent the need for merging, overwriting and document locks.

Interact's products are aimed at business users who don't necessarily have technical expertise to run and update their intranet sites. According to the company, its Intelligence Store logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document rankings and statistics for users to find information more easily.