Microsoft's Director of SharePoint Product Management Christian Finn, an Enterprise 2.0 keynote speaker, talks about SharePoint, the future of enterprise collaboration and the value of community.

Microsoft's Most Successful Product

Finn attributes SharePoint’s success to its tremendous combination of capabilities and end-user value. Its ability to support a wide range of uses includes:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Run your Portal
  • Run your Public Website

along with the ability to integrate your internal processes with your external website are all strengths of SharePoint.

SharePoint's Strengths & Areas of Growth

Its collaboration tools with social communities, enterprise 2.0 management, and powering the Intranet are considered to be SharePoint’s strongest assets, according to Finn.

On the other hand, he says social integration and content management systems are both areas where Microsoft is looking to grow.

SharePoint in the Cloud

Finn told us that the availability of SharePoint in the cloud via Office365 is going to be critical -- opening the door for many more organizations to leverage SharePoint's capabilities without the concern of running and supporting a server environment.

The Future of Enterprise Collaboration

Convergence is the future, says Finn. We will see a single user experience and a single platform for IT to manage. This has been happening and will continue.

In addition, Finn speaks of collaboration of a service and the continuing convergence of business productivity technology such as unified communications integrated with social computing and collaboration.

Finn also talks about how SharePoint will evolve to support this future. Finn says they look at the core capabilities needed by organizations and build those into SharePoint. Advanced needs will come from partners.

SharePoint and Skype

We asked, but we didn't get the answers we really wanted. Of course, you didn't expect Finn to spill all the plans did you? Needless to say he's excited about Skype, but what, if any, integration with happen with SharePoint? He wouldn't say.

Finn also talked about what the SharePoint Community means to him, and it means a lot. Watch the video to get his take on the community and SharePoint overall.