Announcements continue to come from the Microsoft SharePointConference in Anaheim, CA this week. Social software provider NewsGator hasannounced new integrations Microsoft Lync and Glassboard, which will move theirusers closers to managing their interactions in one location.


Unifying Unified Communications

NewsGator has integrated its Social Sites 2010 platform with Microsoft Lync, a unified communication tool. The integration makes itpossiblefor users to have a conversation that spans their Social Sitesactivity streamand Lync without switching between the environments.

When users post in Social Sites to another user via thefamiliartargeting ‘@’ or a hashtag, the message is simultaneously posted inthetargeted user’s Lync instant messaging (IM) client. The asynchronous to synchronous conversation integration isn’t the first Lync integrationNewsGatorhas pursued. Since the platform was released, the company hasreleasedintegrations for presence, on-the-fly IM launches, audio andvideo sessions.

Glassboard Private Groups in Social Sites

In addition to the Lync integration, NewsGator Social Sitesnow alsointegrates with Glassboard and Spheres, which allow users to have internal and external conversations without creating an actualSharePoint Community,Site or Site Collection.

Learning Opportunities

Glassboard is a mobile social application that allows you tocreatelightweight private groups for sharing information, which Social Sites aggregates in your activity stream. Privacy is a big focus of thesoftware;using the integration you can ensure your conversations aresecure -- unlike similaractivities performed on popular public socialnetworking sites. The softwarecurrently supports Android, iPad andiPhone, and Windows Phone 7.Glassboard is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloudtechnology, which shouldcomfort users about any performance or capacityconcerns.

When an Internal Community is Too Much

In addition to Glassboard, which targets private communications with external stakeholders, Spheres is focused on internal communications. Spheresfor Social Sites 2010allow you to converse with colleagues throughuser-generated, light-weightpublic and private groups. Within secondsof creating a Sphere, members canshare messages, links, and questionsand answers with the new group.


NewsGator Social Sites: Spheres and Glassboard

Organizationsusing SharePoint -- and honestly, who isn’t -- andinterested in enterprisesocial collaboration will likely welcome a newtool. The approach is certainlyeasier than the list of tasks requiredto create a new SharePoint Site or SiteCollection just to separateyour team’s conversations. The functionalityNewsGator provides is muchmore closely aligned to the features that employeeshave grownaccustomed to in the public social networking space.