Info360 has been a whirlwind experience, full of engaging and enlightening discussions with those impacting the enterprise with new tools and technologies. From innovative ways to connect communities, share and secure documents, project manage seamlessly, improve mobility and capture lots of data to improve business processes, there are so many ways the enterprise can become powerful by employing simple tools. Here is a quick snapshot of the vendors that we met and what they bring to the enterprise table.

Records Management for the Cloud

We spoke with Richard Roberts, president of RecMan. RecMan makes records management a viable option for those working in the cloud. Whether you’re using Google docs, Gmail or sharing documents with, RecMan can help you lock down documents and assign properties necessary to help secure documents for archival. It’s so simple that it makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it first. RecMan, which launched only in September is already helping state governments and mid-size companies keep track of their documents even when they are created in cloud.

Social Networks Built Around Knowledge, Content

Inmagic helps to develop and implement Social Knowledge Networks for enterprise organizations. Unlike most social enterprise communities, InMagic understand that it’s not activities that drive users to participate – it’s content. Phil Green, chief technology officer at Inmagic says that by structuring a member portal around the content that they need, you’ll help create incentives for interaction. As well, Inmagic encourages basic crowdsourcing, while striking a balance between validity and wisdom. Users can provide edits, comments and rankings for content, which can be used to help others make more informed decisions about the quality of the content they access and share.

Improving Mobile Transactions with Traditional OCR

ABBYY has never made OCR so fun. The Russia-based company focuses nearly 40 percent of resources on research and development to advance their linguistic data capture technologies so as to leverage mobile devices to increase productivity and improve basic business processes. From being able to capture data from invoices and claims, to scanning checks for instant bank deposits to being able to scan your tax forms from your smartphone with accuracy and proficiency, ABBYY is the reason these tools are available. Their dedication to enhancing traditional OCR technologies alongside emerging technologies makes ABBYY one to watch. We certainly will.

Learning Opportunities

A Simple Box

It was hard to keep my composure during my meeting Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of He’s probably the most dynamic CEO and his brain is always actively engaging with people and ideas around him. This easily explains why is becoming a viable platform within the enterprise. For Levie, he wants to be the platform for document collaboration, yet he admits that the company needs to improve the way their product socializes in order to allow users to do more. During his keynote on Tuesday, Levie made it clear that simple tools can do powerful things, which has proven to be one of the most meaningful insights of info360. Many of the coolest and more useful tools are often the simplest, which is what endears us to It’s not flashy, nor does it pretend to be. A lot like Levie.

Get In the Huddle

Not only did Huddle have the best tee shirt at info360, they had an enthusiasm that makes it easy to understand why Huddle is used by approximately 60% of the British government. Huddle is about project management. Forget the complexities of SharePoint, though. Huddle is about managing in the cloud in a manner that makes it practically seamless. We spoke with Andy McLoughlin, Co-Founder & SVP Strategy about how users can share, tag and edit documents while managing tasks, deadlines and communicating in real time with team members. Whether through a desktop or web-based platform, project management almost becomes fun!