Skype Down Again; Microsoft Having Buyer's Remorse?

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I'm the kind of person who always has a device close at hand. I check email and messaging before I brush my teeth. A few friends around the world were missing this morning, however, due to the outage of Microsoft's (newssite) recent acquisition Skype (news, site). I checked my favorite news breaking source -- you know, Twitter -- and it's true. Skype is having its second large network interruption in just a couple of weeks.

Second Outage in Weeks

Apparently popular VOIP and messaging provider Skype is not having a good spring. The company experienced a network outage at the end of May and confirmed on Twitter this morning that the network is indeed down again.

This isn't the best timing for Skype's outages. Last month, Microsoft announce that it plans to purchase the company for over US$ 8 billion and integrate the technology with Kinect and Windows Phone 7.


Learning Opportunities

Although Skype says the outage is only affecting a small number of people and that it is working to address the issue, comments in Twitter and LinkedIn indicate that people in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Belarus, Croatia and other places are experiencing problems meaning that the extent of the problem is actually unknown.

In the Previous Outage

The May outage left users unable to place calls or sign into the service. Skype restored service after discovering a shared xml had been deleted. In December, an outage took the service offline globally after  "a large number of supernodes" didn't allow users to place calls.

If you were wondering, my Skype is working.