If ThoughtFarmer (news, site) has spent a lot of time over recent months extending the functionality of their Social Intranet Software (SIS) and making it easier to use, then this week they are also making it cheaper with the release of Cloud Edition, a hosted version that comes with all the functionality of the on-premise edition.

ThoughtFarmer Cloud Edition

At the same time they are also announcing an upgrade to ThoughtFarmer 4.5 after they released of v4.0 at the end of last November that combined document management and social intranet enabling teams to work through a document system,  then perform work better through the social intranet features.

But it is really the Cloud Edition that is really going to headline this week, even though the upgraded functionality of ThoughtFarmer 4.5 adds some useful tools that will greatly simplify everyday business tasks.

The reason for this is that with the Cloud Edition, enterprises will be able to set up entire social intranets with all the stress-free advantages of cloud computing and at a cost that should make it accessible to even small companies, being US$ 10 per user/month and falling to US$ 4 user /month as the number of users scales upwards.


ThoughtFarmer v4.5:RecommendTags

A further advantage of the new release is that it is offered as a single-tenant installation, which leaving security concerns like data privacy aside, also enables enterprises to move it on-premise if it turns out that business needs require that. 

What's also interesting to note about this cloud edition, is that ThoughtFarmer guarantees to help you migrate your installation to an on premise version -- for free -- if it stops its support for a hosted platform.

ThoughtFarmer SIS v4.5

But let's not dismiss the upgrades in v4.5 as an afterthought. ThoughtFarmer added considerably to the functionality of an already feature-rich application that, while not comparing itself to the likes of SharePoint in terms of functionality, does compare favorably in terms of ease of use and, more importantly, price.



ThoughtFarmer v4.5 :Expertise search

Describing the ‘feel’ of it as closer to a light web application than enterprise collaboration tool, SIS comes with new features that include:

  • Expertise locator: As each expertise is turned into a tag, it is easy to locate people across the enterprise with skill sets required for a particular project
  • Export to Word: Adding to the existing Word Import feature, users can now also export to Word
  • Drag-and-Drop Calendars: Enables drag-and-drop events into calendars



ThoughtFarmer v4.5: Calendar


And there’s a lot more including a new, rich text editor, smaller pages for faster download, a user management interface and improved authentication for API.

If you want to have a better look at it, or catch up with ThoughtFarmer, you can do so at the Boston Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston starting today, or if you fancy running around Boston -- yes they’ve organized guided runs through the city on each of the three days -- you need to be there at 7.00am. Otherwise you can just hang around had check out SIS.