Rafael Corral of CorePHP just gave a talk on a new Joomla component that integrates WordPress within Joomla at the CMS Expo. Is this the integration that can turn Joomla into the power blog that it always promised (but never quite managed to be?)

Corral listed the primary benefits of WordPress within Joomla:

Learning Opportunities

  • Use of tags
  • 3000 WordPress plugins
  • Finely tuned SEO capabilities
Just released, the component is subscription based and costs US$ 80 a year and the multi-user component US$ 100.
Corral went over the installation process. He mentioned there are two different packages available as the standard zip file is large (2 Mb). In case of server issues an alternate installation is available.

Install Notes 

  • Need to make sure relevant directories have correct permissions.
  • Login for WordPress and Joomla is the same.
  • Check to make sure WordPress component installation is correct via WordPress admin (email and file locations)
Corral showed how easy to switch, style and move the WordPress sidebar. The sidebar is dealt with via a Joomla module (included in package).
Migrating WordPress themes difficult, but not impossible. Theme is only possible in content area.
The component integrates with native Joomla SEF and sh404 – just don't forget to change htaccess file.
Permalink structure in WordPress allows for finely tuned SEO. Corral says users see real Google ranking improvement can be had using WordPress SEF within Joomla.
The WordPress Admin component is perhaps the most exciting feature. It offers login users to access WordPress admin from front end, so they do not have to deal with Joomla admin functions at all.
Blog access control exists with WordPress MU -- multiple users can contribute to one blog, and you can put access restrictions on site blogs.
Multiple blog menu items will be coming in new version coming soon Corral said.
Miscellaneous notes:
  • Initial install comes with Home blog - don't delete this.
  • An example of WordPress MU at work: http://www.everythingmom.com/
  • WordPress Plugins require some jiggering to work, top 20 WordPress plugins available on CorePHP site.
  • Some load time issues will occur because of using two applications. Corral says front-end time issue is insignificant, there might be some longer load times in admin section.