The second annual Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C. on June 5-6, 2007. Presented by The Gilbane Group, Lighthouse Seminars and CMS Watch, this conference aims to bring together government and industry executives to discuss content management best practices. With a concentrated focus on previous lessons learned and best practices, the conference will be chaired by Tony Byrne. "Washington, DC is perhaps the most content-rich city on earth," said Byrne. “Among associations, non-profit organizations, publishing firms, consultancies, universities, and of course the federal government, we see enterprises generating much more digital content than they have systems today to adequately manage. This conference can help them get a much better handle on the problem.” Attendees can expect focused content on: * Enterprise Content Management technologies, business applications, and solutions * How to get your Content Management project funded * Best practices in content governance and web operations management * Content technologies and 508 compliance * New standards in content interoperability * Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Content Management * Latest Search and text-mining technologies: beyond the hype * Comparative approaches for using XML to manage authoritative content * How different enterprises have successfully implemented records management solutions * What lessons can be drawn from hard experience * Role of new media technologies * blogs, wikis, and RSS * The future of web publishing * How non-profits, associations, publishing, and other firms are managing growing volumes of content successfully. “Gilbane Conferences draw attendees from a broad range of vertical industries and applications, which benefit from sharing strategies and proven practices, as they are all focused on managing information,” said Frank Gilbane, Gilbane Group CEO, “Expertise and information exchange between government and industry is especially fruitful to both, and facilitating this is a main focus of our Washington conference.” For more information and registration, you can visit The Gilbane Group.