Zend PHP Conference 2007 Logo
As PHP continues to gain momentum and earn respect from organizations both big and small, language luminaries from across the globe are preparing to meet in San Francisco October 8th through 11th for the so-called world's largest gathering of of the PHP community.In an effort to satisfy returning conference attendees, the schedule will include many traditional elements of a big technology conference including keynotes from the following technology and software development heavyweights: * Cory Doctorow - BoingBoing, presenting "Stay Free! How Open Source Affects Culture" * Joel Spolsky - Fog Creek Software, presenting "Great Software" * Harold Goldberg - Zend Technologies, presenting "Unlocking the Value" * Robert Picciano - IBM, presenting "Intelligence Emerging from the Internet Space" * Primal Shah - Kiva.org, presenting "Loans that change lives" However, thanks to the MySQL Community Lounge there will also be PHP unconference sessions that are so popular with the kids these days. Furthermore, there will be sneak previews of new products from: Adobe, Filemaker, Microsoft, PayPal, SugarCRM, Sun, and Yahoo. If product demos and booth babes are not your thing, then check out several of over 40 technical sessions led by some of the most well-known PHP developers in the world. In case your boss needs any more convincing, just tell him or her that you will also be able to take the Zend PHP Certification exam for free? It is a $125 value and they are offering a crash course to get you prepared. With the date right around the corner, we encourage you to go to the conference website and get registered. When you get back, drop us a comment and let us know how it went.