Intelligent Content 2009 Conference
Creating content is easy. Creating intelligent and reusable content -- not so much. No worries though as Palm Springs will be hosting the Intelligent Content 2009 conference that will bring industry leaders together to discuss how to develop content that can stand up to the test of time while remaining effective, accessible and -- ultimately -- intelligent.The focus of this conference will be exploring ways of creating, maintaining and delivering "intelligent" content. So, what is "intelligent" content exactly? Well, here are a few similar qualities that can be associated with top quality content that makes impacts today: * Rich and meaningful * Semantically compatible * Easily discoverable * Automatically reconfigurable * Collaborative Intertwining all these characteristics to create the final product can be challenging for even the best content producers out there, so this conference will focus on providing plenty of information that will help those who need some direction to get started. The Intelligent Content 2009 will kick off with keynote presentations from Salim Ismail of Confabb and Bob Boiko of Metatorial Services. Ismail will be discussing the emerging trends of Web-based content and how changes can lead to us considering content as intelligent in his keynote "Intelligent Content." Boiko will follow with a presentation about information management. In his keynote address -- "Where are the Smarts in Information Management?" -- the discussion will focus on where intelligence lies within information management systems while explaining how organizations can manage that information in a better manner. The two-day event will begin January 29, 2009, in Palm Springs, California. Attendees who register before December 15, 2008, will receive a US$ 200 discount. Before December 15 the price of a conference pass is US$ 895, after -- $US 1,095. Additional information about the conference can be found on the Intelligent Content 2009 conference Web site.