Mark your calendars for April 25th - 27th, 2007 because if you're into content technologies you'll want to be at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA this April. Why? Because Interwoven's GearUp '07 is happening, and over 1,000 leaders in the IT field are expected to show.Earmarked as one of the leading Enterprise Web CMS events, GearUp '07 will thematically teach the information-inclined to efficiently manage and deliver "high-impact customer experiences," which is what the game's apparently all about in the wide wide world of Web 2.0. You'll also learn how best to utilize Interwoven's suite of tech offerings, best practices, and solutions for achieving the strongest business performance. Oh, and you'll probably drink. A lot. The conference will feature industry professionals and actual Interwoven customers as keynote speakers, over 70 breakout sessions, an exclusive gala reception and partner participation from leaders in technology, legal and system integration. Plus, we hear it's supposed to be mildly entertaining. Then again, conferences are mainly about the drinking and schmoozing so it goes without saying that the event will be entertaining. GearUp '07 comes highly anticipated after the GearUp '06 events in London and the US, which were apparently quite successful according to Interwoven, and which you can read about in last year's conference roundup. Registration for GearUp '07 opens in January. Expect conference pricing to be about $1100 for early birds and $1000 for groups of three or more.