Are you involved in the nuts and bolts of web content? Are you entrenched with the coding and organization of a web site ... or two .... or ten? Are you struggling to squeeze more from your online campaigns? If so, then heading to Web Content 2007 might just be the most sensible thing you could do this soon to be lovely Spring 2007. The two-day conference will held in downtown Chicago, and full days have been planned. The event is packed with case studies, hands-on workshops and events led by leaders in the web. The conference provides three main tracks: 1) content design and access, 2) content development and management, and 3) emerging tools and technologies. You can choose your own agenda, so to speak, by signing up for all the courses in any given track or mix and match to get the biggest bang for your conference buck. Featuring a Who's Who in the world of web content, speakers are slated to include everyone from Scott Abel ofThe Content Wrangler and Will Bast, CEO from NetReach to Jen Consalvo from AOL and Jeff Ernst from FatWire. The Content Design & Access track features the likes of Seth Earley -- speaking on Folksonomy & Taxonomy, Hot Banana's David Terry -- talking about marketing and optimizing web content, and Duo Consulting's Yvonne Doll on content usability. In the Content Development & Management track, our pick would be Seth Gottlieb, who recently launched Content Here, an independent strategic consulting practice. Seth is and has been a leading authority on Open Source CMS technology choices and practices. Interested in rubbing elbows with them and finding out what they have to say? There's still time for early-bird registration, until May 4th, for US$ 795 a person. Web Content 2007 June 18-19, 2007 Chicago, IL [Editor's Note: Duo Consulting are the main commercial force behind the Web Content 2007 conference. They are currently an advertising sponsor of CMSWire. Most of the rest of the folks mentioned are our friends and/or business partners, so yes, we're plugging away here and quite certainly biased. But all that aside, this should be a great event. I'd shell-out for it.]