Open Nordic open source conference
Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and Finns, it's time to flex your open source muscle. The Open Nordic Conference is happening in Norway on June 19-20. Brought to you by a formidable team consisting of eZ Systems, ICT Norwary, National Center for Open Source, and ICT Grenland, the Open Nordic will actually be three different, but related conferences running in parallel. They're all related to open source and promoting the use of free software -- something we can definitely vouch for. The three conferences are: * Open Nordic Conference - Open Source Software and the use of open standards. * eZ Conference & Awards - The eZ Ecosystem and Enterprise Content Management. * Open Nordic Mobile - Developing Open Source business with mobile solutions. The Open Nordic Conference is aimed at anyone who is a member of the eZ Ecosystem, works with free and/or open software, or is involved in the telecom market. Conference Speakers The conference has been known to feature keynotes by top innovators and experts in the field. Previous speakers have included Rasmus Lerdorf (known as the "father" of PHP"), David Axmark (Co-Founder of MySQL), and Aleksander Farstad (CEO of eZ Systems). This year, the speakers will include: * James Hewes, Head of International Development at BBC, talking about BBC Online Media Publishing * Dag Wigum, CIO of Shlbsted, discussing how open source is affecting the media industry * Jean Gondè, CTO of Lagardère, talking about global enterprise content management * Martin Michlmayr from Hewlett-Packard's Open Source & Linux Organization, talking about governing the use of Open Source * Bård Farstad, CTO of eZ Systems, on open source technology's entrance in online digital media eZ Awards eZ System will be presenting the eZ Awards as part of the eZ Conference. Taking place on the 19th, the awards will give recognition to key people within the eZ Ecosystem and the worldwide open source community. Winners of the eZ Awards have contributed to the eZ Ecosystem and Open Source not only through code, bug fixes and technical expertise, but also through active engagement of the daily business and promotion of Open Source projects. Conference Cost and Location The conference will be facilitated at Ibsenhuset conference center in Skien, Norway. Registration is € 485.00, which will get you full access to the Open Nordic Conference, including the Open Nordic Mobile and the eZ Conference and Awards 2008. It includes access to the exhibits, lunch meals and the eZ Awards Presentation and Reception on Thursday evening. The conference is coming up soon, so head over to Open Nordic Conference 2008 to register now.