Squiz UK announced recently that they will be conducting a networking and education series in London starting this coming February 15th. When MySource Matrix education session begins, it will include a briefing on implementing effective “Web 2.0" open source strategies.Dubbed "Web 2.0:Beta is Better," the series will be held at Adam Street, a members-only club in London. As one might expect, seminar attendees will not only touch on some cutting edge web management and communications concepts but will additionally get a close-up look at the MySource Matrix open source Web CMS. A host of best practice guidelines explaining how to implement an effective “Web 2.0” strategy using open source software will be provided during the event. The new program was expressly created for organizations seeking ways to optimize their open source CMS strategies. By examining how leading UK-based firms such as Future Publishing, The Bunker, Portrait Software, and Oxford University are using the MySource Matrix open source CMS to take best advantage of their production processes and transform their online marketing, Squiz hopes to illustrate how organizations can likewise save money.Squiz's open source CMS, MySource Matrix, lets organizations like the UK's NHS as well as the Australian federal government both cost-effectively manage their web-based information. In a related article published by CMSWire last November, Squiz executive Roger Warner introduced some of the seminar concepts. Learn more about the event and sign-up here.