In case you haven't caught onto this Web 2.0 thing yet, now there is help. On April 15-18, San Francisco's Moscone West will host Web 2.0 Expo, an event so grand it doesn't even need an article to precede its name.The enterprise CMS pros at O'Reilly Media and CMP Technology join forces to launch Web 2.0 Expo, the first conference of its kind that seeks not merely to educate the members of the new aristocracy but to create a physical Web ecosystem in which we can connect. Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, elaborates more on the intention of the expo. "We're tackling not just Web 2.0 as strategy but also design, programming, operations, and viral marketing – the elements of execution that will ultimately separate the winners from the me-too companies in the space." After hearing tall words like that, how can you not go? Acting as a sisterly spin-off to the Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo targets growing ranks of designers, developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, VCs, business strategists and any other title you've heard since this whole craze began. You might even see a Chief Blogging Officer in the flesh. If you're a Web professional, marketer or entrepreneur, you'll doubtless find something that makes the trip worthwhile. Keynotes include Jeffrey Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon; Eric Schmidt of Google and Novell; and Jeff Weiner, Senior Vice President of Yahoo's network division. Let's just hope the three enterprise superheroes don't stand too close together; the collective energy might conduct too much heat to bear. The program highlights leaders and innovations, but mainly attendees will be free to network, collaborate and make contributions. Four topics serve as theme: * Education, maximizing the sharing of knowledge and expertise around creating the future of the internet * Tradeshow, bringing Web builders to providers, technicians, service solutions and infrastructure * Networking, which requires little explanation and is in essence what every expo is about * Launch pad, giving notable companies an opportunity to debut Conference tracks will cover: * The fundamentals of Web 2.0 * Services and platforms * Community and marketing * User experience and design * Strategy and business models * Products and services Hotel space in the area is limited so register now. Or watch Tim O'Reilly try parsing out the meaning of Web 2.0. If we had a dime for every person who tried doing that, we'd ... need new pockets.