Web Publishing Geeks Converge on Sydney

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The 7th annual Open Publish 2007 conference kicks-off on August 1st in Sydney, Australia. The focus is content management and open standards in the context of both Web and print publishing.This year the show is brought to you by Allette Systems and CM Professionals member James Robert's Step Two Designs. With the advancement and acceptance of open source and open standards technology growing, Open Publish works to level and make sense of the tech playing field for publishers. By helping attendees understand and manage returns from commonly available technology, those in the fields of content management and e-publishing will learn to ride the "next wave of innovation" through creative management and disciplined implementation rather than technology alone.The pre-conference program offers morning and afternoon tutorials addressing general Web strategy, Intranet implementation methodologies and some practical XML tactics. Featured keynote speakers, Paul Jensen, Vice President, Content & Platform Management at Wolters Kluwer North America Shared Services; Andrew Pate, Vice President, Business Development at Lulu.com; and Rick Jelliffe, Chief Technology Officer, Developer of XML productivity tools at Topologi are scheduled to present as well. Sessions (listed here) will follow three tracks covering content management, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, search engine optimization, usability, single source documentation and the semantic web. The conference aims to address these issues "from the perspective of best practices, project methodologies and human and usability factors rather than simply technology."Held at the Rydges World Square Sydney, attendees will be treated to a cocktail party, where they can network and socialize, as well as exhibits featuring representatives from content management software and services firms as well as, you guessed it, a gaggle of online publishers. If you're a publisher looking to build a better Web publishing or XML strategy (like, er, the Washington Post is), then step up and sign-up for the 3-day show down under.