XyEnterprise Webinar Component Content Management In Action: Delivering on the Promise of XML
Ah, yes, another wonderful Webinar for the viewing pleasure of those who are curious about how technology can help businesses grow and function more efficiently. This upcoming Webinar by XyEnterprise, Component Content Management In Action: Delivering on the Promise of XML, focuses on how businesses can utilize XML and structured content in combination with frameworks (such as DITA and S1000D), processes and technologies to create and realize value.The panel, which consists of XML experts, will be using real-world examples to show viewers how component content management (CCM) can help businesses implement "flexible foundations" that scale, as cost and complexity of content production increases. In addition, the Webinar will showcase real-world examples of CCM implementations that help businesses lower costs while improving operational efficiency. Some of the topics up for discussion include: * The role of CCM * The deployment of CCM * Benefits some organizations have realized with CCM * The future potential of CCM * How CCM has impacted Research in Motion (RIM) The panelists will include: * Kevin Duffy, president and CEO, XyEnterprise * Bill Trippe, senior analyst, Gilbane Group * Karen Moser, manager, Documentation and Localization Services, Research in Motion * Mark Tiegs, team lead, Documentation Systems and Support, Research in Motion Additional information about this Webinar can be found here. The event begins on November 3 at 1:00 PM EST. Don't be late!