<CMSWire> This is a good article describing some of the impact of the Documentum acquisition by EMC and how the ECM market is going to be shaping and shifting in the coming months. Future acquisitions by other storage and infrastructure players are the hot topic. Oracle keeps coming up as do IBM. The question of ownership vs. partnership is most likely a difficult one here. Both Oracle and IBM already tout partnerships with all major ECM players. Alienation of these potential customer bases is, I'm sure, a non-trivial concern. </CMSWire> From the article: EMC's planned acquisition of Documentum will help make content management a standard part of business processes and put pressure on Microsoft, Oracle and other server-focused companies, according to analysts. Storage giant EMC announced Tuesday that it plans to spend $1.7 billion to buy up Documentum, a maker of content management products that help a company catalog and control access to documents stored on central servers. Content management has been seen as a key growth area for the software industry over the past few years, spurred by events such as the Enron fiasco and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that drove interest in centralized document retention processes. ... EMC's move pushes the momentum squarely toward technology giants, analysts said. "It became pretty apparent in the last few years that the data infrastructure vendors like IBM and Oracle were going to play a much greater role in dealing with content issues," said Nick Wilcoff of Forrester Research. "The independent vendors are going to face a much harder road in the long run." Read the full article.