More and more consolidation and product expansion in the CMS space. The following is from an article by Dennis Callaghan, published in eWeek: Two of the largest enterprise content management software developers, Documentum Inc. and Open Text Corp., are adding to their respective suites through new technology developments and acquisition. Documentum is adding integration capabilities to its Enterprise Publishing Solution content authoring and editing tools as the Pleasanton, Calif., company makes more of a play for the publishing industry. Next week, Documentum will announce Authoring Integration Services, a feature that allows its content management platform to integrate with authoring and editing tools such as Adobe Systems Inc.'s Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign and Quark Inc.'s QuarkXPress. ... Open Text, of Waterloo, Ontario, last week announced plans to buy Web content management software developer Gauss Interprise AG, of Hamburg, Germany, in an $11 million deal. The move will expand Open Text's footprint in Web content management as it seeks to become more of a player for highly interactive, transactional Web sites, such as e-tailers' and Web publishers'. Read the full article.