Google Releases Optimized IE7

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Goog'e IE7
Oh man, I can see the IE7 Program Managers' heads spinning right now. Google has done some tricks in the dev shop with Microsoft's latest browser and gone and released aGooglified version of IE7.Actually, in lieu of, or perhaps after some head spinning, one such person posted the news to his blog. Tony Chor, Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer stated jovially, "I’m happy to note that Google and Web.de have recently released customized versions of IE7. These versions have been tailored by the two companies to provide the best experience with IE7 for their users"Instead of just releasing the Google Toolbar for IE7, Google took the Internet Explorer Administration Kit to build a customized version of IE 7 that is as Googled-out as any Firefox browser you've ever seen.In the new IE7 edition, Google has made itself the default search engine instead of Microsoft's Live Search.Additionally, Google provides the browser with the Google Toolbar and integrated Google Homepage that they can personalize.Look for other companies like Yahoo and USA Today to follow suite with their own personalized versions of the browser. Companies are just now starting to embrace IE7 Administration Kit.If you want to give Google's souped-up IE a whirl, download it from here.It weighs in at 16.7 MB and will overwrite your current IE7 install.Now we're waiting for the Microsoft Live version of Firefox.