In their recent 2007 Scripting Languages -- Developers Choice Report, involving more than 400 developers, California-based Evans Data Corporation found that contrary to some popular opinion, Adobe and Microsoft's environments were considered by developers to be more secure than client/server AJAX scripting solutions such as Ruby, PHP, and Python. The survey covered 12 different scripting packages including Ruby, ASP.NET AJAX (formally known as Atlas), Adobe Flex, Python, Cold Fusion, PHP, Flash Action Script, XMAL, JavaScript, Perl, VB Script, and Tcl. The two top finishers were a bit surprising considering some of the bad press they have been receiving on security issues. While Microsoft finished with high marks, Adobe's Flex, a J2EE application, came out on top due to touting several built-in security mechanisms that control access to web services, HTTP services, and Java classes. “Developers know that strong security is the foundation of great user experiences, and an increasingly important selection criteria for rich Internet application development technology,” said Jeff Whatcott, vice president of marketing at Adobe. “It’s wonderful to see Flex recognized as the security leader.” John Andrews, President at Evans Data Corp. added, “The feature set used to rank these scripting languages were based on what developers and enterprises indicate as the most important, and these have become even more important given the pervasive market adoption into much more mission critical applications.” In addition to security, thirteen other vertical categories were ranked: * Attribute Ranking * Overall Ranking * Ease of Use * Maintainability and Readability * Rapid Development * Memory Management * Cross-platform compatibility * Availability of Frameworks and Libraries * Community * Performance * Availability of Tools * Quality of Tools * Ability to Develop Web Services/ SOA * Client Side Scripting For more information about the study or to purchase a copy, head on over to Evans Data Corp's Website. If these sorts of reports get your geek heart racing, then you might be interested in a related article entitled PHP vs Java vs Ruby. For those who like to press the flesh, Evans Data is hosting their Developer Relations Conference ‘07 on March 12th and 13th of this year. The event is being held at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, California -- just around the corner from Larry Ellison's little emerald village. Keynote speakers will be representing BEA, IBM, Sun, Motorola, Nokia, the Eclipse Foundation, and others. Advanced registration is currently discounted US$ 300 to US$ 1195.