Microsoft has announced that the latest version of its flagship office suite Office 2003 has been released to manufacturing. Why is this news for the CMS industry? Two big reasons: 1) the MS Office suite is now professing strong support for XML document formats, which will undoubtedly create the expectation that standard CMS systems support and seamlessly integrate with MS XML content, and 2) the Office 2003 tools FrontPage and Office Publisher are sure to show signs of greater support and integration with the MS Content Management Server and the Sharepoint Portal Server. Microsoft says the new Office System packaging will help enterprises improve worker productivity by providing a complete platform for information integration. In short, over the next 12 months the release of MS Office 2003 combined with the Content Management Server 2002 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 will significantly increase the shaping pressures exerted on the CMS marketplace by Microsoft and will measurably shift the competitive landscape between existing CMS vendors. Read the coverage.