Symantec Backs Execs Up with Recovery 7.0

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Need some back-up? Don't we all. Symantec Corp has just released the latest version of its Windows system recovery solution, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0.Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) enables business or individual users to completely recover their Windows systems in a matter of minutes.It also introduces enhanced Microsoft Exchange, virtual, and data recovery capabilities and fresh new centralized management, lending added flexibility and control in protecting valuable IT assets.In today’s technology-reliant world, it is imperative that businesses and at-home users are able to quickly recover their systems in a quick and easy way.BESR is considered the gold standard in complete Windows system recovery because of its top-notch capabilities, high speed and reliability.And considering Symantec's track record, that "gold standard" label isn't such a long shot. In the past, Symantec has been characterized by its chivalrous streak, assisting in e-Discovery compliance and even rivaling Microsoft in protecting SharePoint users from malware. So even without previous versions of BESR to consider, Symantec boasts serious protection cred. BESR is essentially a disk-based solution that overcomes the various downsides and hassles of manual system recovery processes (read: extreme monotony and time consumption) by capturing an exact copy of a system, including operating system, user settings, applications, data, and system settings, in a single recovery point.When catastrophe strikes and a system goes down, IT administrators simply select a recovery point and BESR completely restores the system in far shorter time than traditional methods. Symantec also added significant performance improvements as well as support for Microsoft Vista, x64-bit platforms, VMware ESX Server, and Microsoft Virtual Server to its flagship system recovery and backup utility.And although BESR is marketed as a stand-alone solution that can be purchased and installed on its own, it can also be used along with the entire family of Backup Exec products. Ajay Verma, Director of Channels and Alliances at Symantec India, asserts the product is a horizontal technology that will “find usage across different verticals and size of organization.”It should also have great relevance to organizations with lean IT staff that need robust solutions for recovery in case of mishaps or disasters. If you already use Backup Exec for Windows Servers and are looking for a streamlined, lower-priced version of BESR, the Backup Exec for Windows Servers System Recovery Option offers just the core business-critical system recovery capabilities offered in the standalone editions of BESR.Symantec uses a multi-fold marketing strategy with various media and methodologies, the ultimate objective of course being a strong level of brand awareness and positive attributes and associations connected to this awareness.For BESR 7.0 it expects a strong adoption rate, since there are many existing customers who would happily upgrade to get their hands on the improved features and functionality that Symantec has brought to the table. Feeling sold on BESR 7.0? Understandably so. Hit the Symantec website for more back-up (in the very best of ways, that is).