From a Yankee Group press release: The Yankee Group today announced that 38 percent of businesses with less than $100 million in revenue have made no appreciable investment in enterprise search licenses. This indicates a significant number of companies use search functionality native to other applications. According to the Yankee Group's new 2003 Enterprise Information Management survey, 20 percent of businesses with $500 million or more in revenue have at least 10 content-management systems in operation, compared with 3 percent of business with less than $500 million in revenue. "It's clear that a significant percentage of users receive free software, particularly in the search market," said Rob Lancaster, Collaboration and Content Management senior analyst. "This is likely the result of integrated functionality, rather than vendor giveaways. What many businesses fail to realize is that they use enterprise search every day within a range of business applications, including CRM, ERP, portal, BI and e-mail. The good news for vendors is that 66 percent of respondents indicated they plan to increase spending on enterprise management solutions in the near future, albeit modestly." The Enterprise Information Management survey helps software vendors accurately assess U.S. target markets for information or content-management applications and services. The survey identifies and examines usage habits and costs of enterprise information management solutions, including enterprise content management and portals, as well as search, DRM, and interactive communications applications. Read about the survey.