Alfresco in the Cloud Updated with Advanced Search, Decluttered Look
Alfresco in the Cloud has been updated with advanced search capabilities, a decluttered interface and more as the company looks to refresh the overall look of its two year old cloud based repository.

Toolbars Moved, Menu Reconfigured

Customers who have been giving feedback on what Alfresco in the Cloud should look like just might like what they see with this update. Alfresco has been listening, and it's trimmed the top header down and removed some of the distracting elements there, according to a company blog post.

All sites and dashboards can be adjusted with the gear icon at the top, and the Site's menu now features a list of the most recent sites visited in a dropdown menu. Additionally, advanced searches can be performed on keywords and metadata across all content, and this setting can be found within the magnifying glass icon in the top search box.

Items such as item type, the date content was modified or by whom, and either folder or specific items can be searched for with this function. There's also now a Site Notice dashlet for adding welcome messages or site table of contents on the site's dashboard.

Sharing Documents + Collaboration

Because Alfresco in the cloud is all about people collaborating on projects, these updates are all reflections of how customers actually use the product. For example, some of the toolbars moved at the top were probably simply not being used as much as the true workhorse buttons. Many jobs use the same features repeatedly across projects, so it makes sense to highlight those in the main interface.

Likewise, having the ability to directly search files in more robust way is a reflection of how people use the Web more generally. We use the search box for everything, so why not fold that into products? Alfresco has done just that, and in future updates, more of the same types of changes will no doubt follow.