Never one to let the grass grow under its feet, AvePoint (news, site) has announced that its DovAve product has been upgraded to v5.7, which supports the recently released SharePoint 2010 Service Pack.

DocAve v5.7, SharePoint SP1

Single point releases for many companies happen just about every week, if not every day, but this one is significant in that the SP1 release, a year after Microsoft launched SharePoint 2010, added some useful functionality, not least of which is better support for Office Web Apps (OWA).

This in itself is significant in light of the recent general release of Office 365, while notable additions with SP1 is Chrome support for running online Office applications in SharePoint 2010, as well as added native support for IE9, enabling users to gain access to SharePoint and OWA through its newest web browser. This should provide the browser with a welcome boost.

While there are undoubtedly many companies that will be offering support for SP1 in their next upgrades, AvePoint has built its reputation around the development of SharePoint infrastructure management software, so it had to upgrade quickly to maintain that standing.

DocAve v5.7

And its DocAve v5.7 has done that. The upgraded version contains more than 30 independently deployable modules integrated via a unified, browser-based interface for comprehensive protection, management and optimization of SharePoint.

Like previous versions, it also supports SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 environments and only uses supported Microsoft Methodologies and APIs.

But there are couple of noteworthy elements in this release that stem from the SP1 focus. The support for SP1 support includes enhancements to Remote Binary Large Object Storage (RBS), and better protection for data through rapid restoration of corrupted, or even misplaced content.

In previous versions, AvePoint has offered granular item-level backup and recovery, platform-level backups and granular recovery of SharePoint farm components, while in this release it removes the problems of staging databases for item-level recovery to SharePoint.

It does this by offering support for database virtualization upon restore with its InstaMount technology, enabling the rapid recovery of individual items to production environments from a full database backup.

SharePoint Customization

The other noteworthy element of DovAve v5.7 is wider support for SharePoint customizations. DocAve v5.7 now provides support for Platform Backup & Recovery of:

  • Nintex Workflow 2010
  • KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint 2010
  • NewsGator Social Sites for SharePoint 2010

It can also back up any custom Application Database as part of a Platform Backup plan with DovAve Backup and Restore Support for SharePoint 2010 SP1-specific RBS Enhancements

DoveAve 5.7 is not a major release, but it is a useful one, and with the SP1 support, apart from the major advantages we have already mentioned, will also support all the security fixes and patches introduced since SharePoint 2010 was released.