Backbase Forms 5.0: Create Web 2.0 Forms with Ease

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Backbase (news, site), provider of theportal products for the financial services industry, announced the release ofBackbase Forms 5.0, which completes the company’s Bank 2.0 Portal Suite.Backbase Forms allows non-technical users to update forms and define businessrules with limited involvement from technology teams.

The Backbase Forms Solution

Backbase Forms 5.0 allows non-technical e-business businessanalyststo create, edit and manage Web2.0 style forms and their logic incollaboration with technical resources,which reduces the amount oftime necessary to create new online customerservice forms. Providingbusiness users more control can result in more rapiddelivery andimproved responsiveness to end user needs.

Like in content management systems (CMS), Backbase Formsseparatesthe presentation of the form from the contents or definition of theonlineform. This is a well-established design principle that allowsforms, like CMScontent, to be used across multiple display channels(e.g. mobile, desktop, web) -- each adapted for where it is beingpresented -- without recreating the form.This reduces delivery cost andeffort of form creation. It also ensures thatend users have aconsistent experience.

Learning Opportunities

Forms Functionality

In addition to enabling users to create interactive formswith Web2.0 style features like contextual help and guided navigation using a graphical tool, the latest release of Backbase Forms has a number offeaturessuch as:

  • EmbeddedRules Engine -- Allows non-technicalusers to create calculators, simulatorsand advisory tools for forms.These can be important for helping forms users(customers) makedecisions. This can be important for complex financialdecisions, acommon occurrence in the financial services industry that Backbase supports.
  • Two FormsEditor -- The product includes twoforms editors. One is an advanced browserbased form designer targetedat advanced non-technical users to edit formdefinitions, process flowsand business rules and a simpler WYSIWIG (what yousee is what youget) editor. Both editors support workflow approval processesor directpublishing to staging/production servers.
  •  Notification Services -- Allows users todesign forms that send a customized SMS or email after a form is completed.
  • IntegrationWizards -- Allows users to connect to backend resources such as a text fileor database via ODBC or SOAP (web services).
  • Workflow -- Forms can have simple or case baseworkflows applied to manage steps. Theseworkflows are defined via agraphical tool and can link to external enterprisesystems.

Backbase Forms is available as add-on component for theBackbasePortal suite or can be purchased as a standalone product. Additional details on product features is available on their website