BIA Introduces TotalDiscovery, Profiles Data Before You Begin

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Looking for an e-Discovery tool that encompasses the entire process in a way that’s not just efficient but also give gives IT and Legal teams more control? This week, BIA introduced TotalDiscovery.com, a SaaS e-Discovery application that gives IT complete visibility over the discovery process.

Total Discovery in the Cloud

TotalDiscovery also includes BIA’s new Data Profiler tool, which is designed to give users a data snapshot before any time and money is spent. With TotalDiscovery, users can expect to assess and collect data without compromising defensibility or overstretching budgets. Based on BIA’s DiscoveryBOT technology, users can also connect to TotalDiscovery remotely in order to identify, gather and securely preserve data for discovery and legal purposes.

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Setting up custodians allows users to establish the rest of the discovery process.

Profiling Data Before You Begin

The juiciest part of TotalDiscovery comes from Data Profiler, though. Before you even begin, it can tell you roughly what to expect. Such early insight into the data set prior to collection, helping IT and legal, can help determine the full scope of a lawsuit from a data/document volume standpoint.

Learning Opportunities

In just three steps, you can get a full data assessment for your legal or regulatory matter. The Data Profiler can accurately determine the type and amount of email, documents and other data that may be collected for the legal department or outside legal teams, across all users within or outside the corporate network.

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The Data Profiler function is a free tool that allows the legal team or IT professional to get an accurate assessment of the type and amount of email, documents and other data that may be collected for the legal matter across all the custodians.

What’s even better, users don’t need to download anything; just create a free TotalDiscovery.com account online and enter your information to begin. Users will receive an email with simple instructions and be lead through the process via an intuitive wizard.

The future of e-Discovery is heating up. Giving companies the best tools necessary to review and evaluate their case loads before they even begin is not just insightful, but it also leverages the power and transparency that e-Discovery tools are designed to provide.

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