BitNami Eases Path to the Cloud for Liferay Customers

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Installing Liferay on Amazon WebServices (AWS) just became a little easier thanks to a new partnership betweenLiferay and BitNami.

One-Click Install to AWS & Bitnami

BitNami, well known for its “stacks” that make deployingpopular open sourceweb applications like SugarCRM and WordPress a one-clickprocess, hasadded Liferay to the list of software it supports. In addition to enabling single click deployment for both the Community and Enterpriseeditionsof Liferayto AWS, BitNami also added support for the open source portal on itsown cloud-hostingplatform, BitNami Cloud Hosting.

BitNami’s cloudplatform eliminates asignificant amount of the administrative overheadrequired to manage Liferay(and other supported software) in anenterprise environment by providingcapabilities such as:

  • automatic, incrementalbackups with configurable retention policies
  • one-click serversrestores
  • one-click serverresizing
  • ability to savecustomized configurations as templates for new installs
  • multi-server and accountadministrative console
  • basic system performancemonitoring of metrics like CPU, memory and file system utilization


Learning Opportunities


The Easy Path to the Cloud

The popularity of BitNami revealssomething most cloud vendors don’t advertise -- moving to the cloud doesn't mean organizations no longer need workerswith technical skills. Organizations that leverage lower level cloud serviceslike the infrastructure-as-a-service platforms provided by vendors like Amazon andRackspace require resources with many of the same skills, like operating systemconfiguration and tuning, necessary for organizations managing their servers onpremises.

This need has spurred the emergenceof solutions like Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk  and BitNami. Although these services promise to remove barriers to technical entry, organizations should always test outside of production to ensure automated setups and configurations meet their needs.