Bonitasoft 5.5 Supports CMIS, Integrates Social, Collaboration via eXo Platform

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BonitaSoft (news, site), maker of business process management tools, has released version 5.5 ofBonita Open Solution, their core process managementsuite. In this version, Bonitasoft is leveraging eXo's (news, site) xCMIStechnology to more tightly integrate document management, BPM, social media and collaboration. The eXo and Bonita relationship allows users to directly access  services like enterprisesocial networking and document collaboration.

Another CMIS Adoption

Taking into account the feedback from its 5,500 community users and 150 customers, BonitaSoft has packed a lot of new features in Bonita Open Solution (BOS) 5.5 due its integration with eXo's portal and user experience platform. The company has integrated document management features into its business processmanagement and included support for the Content ManagementInteroperability Standard (CMIS) providing access to a native content repository.

Integrating with eXo Platform 3 for Social, Collaboration

Users can now plug eXo into BOS via use of CMIS. eXo Platform forBonita -- also released today -- is a customization of eXo's userexperience platform called eXo Platform 3. It integrates content management,collaboration and social into a single portal-based offering and includes aset of gadgets, portlets and documentation to facilitate integration with BOS.

Business Process Improvements

Other improvements include:

Learning Opportunities

  • The latest release now includes decision tables which enables users to specify business rules without using other tools, or worse,hard coding. Existing customers will be happy to know that the connector to Drools remains intact.
  • Developers can now test by excluding connectors with external systems making unit testing easier. Using the functionality requires a single click.
  • Integration of workflows into eXo-based websites and social intranets. Users can manage workflows, monitorprocesses, see execution updates in activity streams, or create entirely new processes from a single social intranet page.
  • New Document Library with native tools for managing documents needed to execute processes.

However, the company didn't stop there. BOS 5.5 includes moreadvanced download bundles, improved collaboration features, complexforms building, enhanced support of BPMN 2.0 process standard notation and faster performance.

Integrated, Yet Separate From eXo

Organizations seeking to simplify their application portfolio will likely be attracted to this integrated bundle which includes a significant number of capabilities for managing content and process. Previously, they would have had to integrate at least two or even 3-4 products to get similar capabilities. However, the best part may be that core functionality of each product has not been compromised and each can be used independently.