Open source business process management vendor BonitaSoft has announced the latest version of Bonita Open Solution 5.6. The new release offers personalization by role that allows users to focus on how they need to work.

Personalization Equals Productivity

BonitaSoft Open Solution offers users an integrated suite that includes:

  • process modeling -- Bonita Studio
  • a user experience that allows users to build forms and administer processes
  • a BPM & workflow engine -- Bonita Execution Engine

This allows users to avoid the often complex endeavor of integrating tools to manage their automated business processes.

The latest version of BonitaSoft’s platform allows users to customize the user interface based on their role: Business analyst, process engineer or application developer. Once a role is selected, the new User Guidance and Profiles feature personalizes the user interface to display the functions important for that user. This eliminates visual noise and could make using the product more straightforward. In addition to horizontal personalization, BonitaSoft also added customizable business process templates designed to support corporate functions like Human Resources or Supply Chain Management. Organizations can use these templates make implementing business processes faster.

Subscription Packs

BonitaSoft is open source, but like most company-backed open source platforms, Bonita offers value-added features and services designed to entice users to upgrade from the base open source implementation. Bonita Open Solution 5.6 embraces the valueadd concept using Subscription Packs, which enhance the core with annual professional support and additional collaboration, productivity and deployment features. Bonita is offering three Subscription Packs:

  • Teamwork: This Subscription Pack allows users to accelerate and secure their projects. It is targeted at entry-level commercial deployments. The pack includes support, a multi-user development repository, developer productivity features and document management. Teamwork also provides Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports on the process data so users can evaluate performance.
  • Efficiency: This Subscription Pack is a step above the teamwork pack. It includes multiple functional business process templates (e.g., Human Resources, Corporate Finance, Quality and Help Desk). Each template can be further customized to meet specific business needs.
  • Performance: This highest level Subscription Pack is for mission-critical deployments. It includes features for real-time monitoring of the status of resources and business process behaviors. Error management facilities ensure the ability to pinpoint any issues so corrective action may be taken. 

BonitaSoft provides a detailed product comparison matrix that illustrates the differences between features in the base open source product and the three new subscription packs. The company is also positioning the Subscription Packs as an option for organizations that want to become productive with the platform as quickly as possible. 

Additional details on the latest version of Bonita Open Solution are available.

Bonita Open Solution 5.6 is available now. If you are interested in one of the subscription packs, which come with professional support, contact BonitaSoft sales.