Bonitasoft Open Source BPM v6 Offers Mobile-Neutral Access

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Bonitasoft Open Source BPM v6 Offers Mobile-Neutral Access

Bonitasoft continues today what it describes as the democratization of business processes. It has released v6 of its open source business process management suite which comes with a complete redesign of its user portal that simplifies the management of processes.

Bonitasoft’s Democratic BPM

You may recall from earlier in the month whenBonitasoft announced US$13 million in Series C funding that it described process democratization as the company’s strategy of giving the people who actually use the processes more control over those processes in large and small enterprises.

This release, Bonitasoft says, moves this forward another significant step with a number of new features that make the suite more efficient by speeding up the management of processes.

At the core of it is the latest version of the BPM execution engine that will enhance its ability to provide collaboration tools and mobile access as well as better business activity monitoring.

In fact the way processes are handled has been clocked at four times the speed of the current engine and is considerably more intuitive than previous versions.

Bonitasoft v6 business archive generation

Bonitasoft v6 business archive generation

Bonitasoft BPM v6

This is a full point release and as such comes with more features than can be possibly described here, but some of the features that the company is drawing particular attention to include:

Learning Opportunities

  • New Interface: A newly designed and streamlined interface that offers more flexibility to manage tasks.
  • Mobile access: With more and more employees working on the road, for the first time ever v6 offers the ability to manage processes from any mobile device.
  • Process agility: Users are no longer nailed down to rigid processes and can create and assign tasks on-the-fly.
  • Improved analytics: New analytics will enable administrators and managers drill down to see where processes are becoming snarled-up.


Bonitasoft v6 new portal preview

But the changes are not just for users, there are some new tools and features for developers. These include:

  • The ability to change the configuration of running processes to respond quickly to changes in the infrastructure.
  • Better and wider support for multiple deployment scenarios.
  • A new REST API and expanded configuration options for Java API.
  • Apache Tomcat has been integrated in BPM Studio to streamline testing.

Bonitasoft Future Developments

While the release of v6 is in itself interesting, it is the continued development and roll-out of new features that keep pushing the ‘democratization’ process.

…Bonita BPM 6 continues to deliver on the promise we made when we started the company in 2009. We’re giving people an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and cost-effective BPM tool that make departments and organizations more efficient than ever before,” Miguel Valdes Faura, CEO and co-founder of BonitaSoft said of the new release.

Earlier this month announcing the US$ 13 million funding round, the company said that it would use the money to increase its market share of the mid- and large-sized businesses that are looking for an alternative to the cumbersome, aging systems currently in place.

That v6 has introduced device-neutral mobile access takes a major step in the direction of providing agile BPM, capable of responding to rapidly changing market needs. However, there are other elements here that also respond to that and as v6 develops there will be undoubtedly more about this from Bonitasoft.