Bullseye! EMC Documentum Hits the Target with Productized Solutions Play + Customers Buy

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Information Management,EMC Documentum Hits the Target With Its Productized Solutions Play - Customers Buy
Most large, Enterprise-grade Content/Document Management offerings are pure platform-plays that deliver many of the functionalities and features that customers need, but they fall short in one area -- they’re not solutions.

Companies have to hire architects, teams of developers or consultants and/or buy software to go the last mile. That is not only expensive and time-consuming, but it also leaves a great deal of room for things to go wrong, for deliveries to be late and for user experiences that suck.

Not a good formula for an era in which IT is expected to deliver consumer-like experiences.

A few years ago, the leadership at EMC IIG (which owns Documentum) took a good hard look at what they were bringing to market and decided that they needed to offer their customers something different and something more.

Governance, Compliance, More Functionality, No Coding

They brought out Documentum xCP which allows companies to build solutions via configuration rather than coding, yielding results in half the time. Not only that, but it inherently streamlines business processes within industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare, high-tech, energy and public sector; brings efficiency to core processes from invoice processing to contract processing to accounts payable; and it helps to ensure regulatory compliance by providing a complete record of all content, correspondence and interaction. Rather than building these things in, customers can get them “out-of the box” and configure them to their specific needs.

xCP has another feature that’s quickly becoming a “must-have” for the 201x era; it’s set up to easily embrace Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning.

For companies that want to customize their ECM solutions further than xCP configuration allows, there’s xCP Designer that requires composition rather that coding.

EMC IIG Delivers Productized Industry Solutions Built On Documentum

Now mind you, all of this is backstory to what EMC IIG has successfully brought to market now -- a whole host of Productized Industry solutions that it built in-house, put its name on, and supports from the start, through the last mile and beyond. Should there ever be a problem with these, customers have “one throat to choke” vs. wasting time and money playing blame games with third parties.

What’s especially special about these solutions is that they have been built (and continue to be built) by teams whose members have deep technical and domain expertise. How do we know? First, it’s a no-brainer that the people who built Documentum work for EMC IIG; and second, EMC has recently purchased both Trinity Technologies (which has provided ECM solutions to the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry for almost two decades) and Sitrof Technologies (whose employees have serviced Life Sciences companies that used Documentum for 20 years).

These solutions teams will work both at client sites and in-house and collaborate on addressing issues, solving problems and building in features that are common to all customers, making the solutions that EMC IIG delivers better and better all of the time.

Learning Opportunities

These solutions, it should be noted, are available, and are currently being delivered both on premises and via IIG’s cloud offering, OnDemand.

EMC IIG Builds & Customers Buy

There’s no doubt that Documentum stepped out on a limb to bring this offering to market and now we’ve seen the data to support the fact that it was the right move. Large Enterprises (we’ve peeked at the list) have signed the contracts and have written the checks that say one simple thing: I’m in.

EMC Puts More Muscle Behind Its Bet

As we’ve said before, EMC IIG boss Rick Devenuti is hell-bent on delivering products and solutions that customers want, that they are willing to pay for, and that work and delight in short order. To make sure that happens and to continue to build on Documentum’s Industry Solutions present success, IIG has created vertical business unit structures for Life Sciences, Energy & Engineering, and Healthcare with General Managers at the helm. They will own the P&L’s for their respective verticals and be responsible for solution strategy, solution development, delivery and more.

Productized Solutions - A New Era for Documentum, A Strategy Fitting For Today

Productizing Enterprise Content Management solutions is a bold move for EMC IIG , a move that catapults it even further ahead of the industry leadership position it has enjoyed for many years.

And with the team that Devenuti has in place, customer-delight may indeed become the user experience -- and that’s something that was near impossible to fathom a few years ago.

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