It’s been all of three weeks since OpenText released something new. We were getting worried. But today, we have news of two new releases: One is for global brand management and the other is an upgrade to OpenText Alchemy, its document management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Media Management, Document Management

The global brand management product, which coincidentally is called OpenText Global Brand Management, offers enterprises the ability to manage their brands across multiple channels and is part of the series of customer experience management releases that it has been developing over the past year. It will be released next month.

OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition, version 9 (OpenText Alchemy), is just the latest version of the document management solution that is designed to offer SMBs easy capture, store, access, archiving and distribution of business documents.

As an integral part of the Global Brand Management product, OpenText has also announced the release of Media Management 7.1, which OpenText describes as an integral part of the Global Brand product.

Global Brand Management

The Global Brand Management solution enables organizations to produce, use and publish digital media, as well as automate all the processes associated with their production.

As part of this, it also offers enterprise-wide workflows that enable them to extend collaboration across the enterprise to all internal users as well as external users.

Within the Global Brand Management, OpenText Media Management 7.1 defines workflow-driven digital asset management.

With it, OpenText is able to offer enterprises a secure, scalable ecosystem while delivering consistent branding using rich media creation to all channels and platforms.

Media Management 7.1 can also be integrated with OpenText's recently announced Managed File Transfer solution that can be used to move large files in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

OpenText Alchemy

The other major release from today is the new upgrade to OpenText Alchemy, which now comes out as v9.

As might be expected, there is a whole pile of new features with this, including single click entry technology that enable users to index documents without pre-defined OCR templates, or the need to buy into expensive document capture solutions.

Unlike standard capture solutions, single click entry users do not need to identify where the data exists in the document, but identify the kind of data it is.

One the data type is identified; single click entry highlights the values for the user regardless of where they appear in the document, or what kind of document they are found in.

Document Retention

Along with document workflow that enables users to direct documents to specified departments or people, it also comes with the document retention feature that is becoming a "must" rather than a "desirable" element in any system as compliance regulations gets tougher.

While this ensures documents are kept according to internal and external regulations, it also safely disposes of those documents according to enterprise-administered schedules, ensuring they don’t end up anywhere they shouldn’t.

Simple to deploy and use, OpenText Alchemy reduces the demand on IT Support resources by presenting business users with familiar, intuitive interfaces that facilitates easy access to all the new functionality.