Colligo Eases Document Management, Email Management Access for Government
If you think SharePoint deployments are already extensive, then they’re about to get even more so. Colligo has announced that its document management and email management products for SharePoint are now available through GMP on the General Services Administration (GSA) contract Schedule 70.

The IT Schedule 70 was established by GSA to assist federal government agencies with their procurement of IT products, services and solutions as needed to meet their agency IT missions.

Quite a mouthful when you read it, but what it means in practical terms is that Colligo will be able to provide its document management and email services for SharePoint directly to the government and federal agencies.

Colligo, Government

It’s only a small step in the overall SharePoint picture, but for Colligo it can only be a win-win situation. Instead of its resellers having to wait in line to get government contracts through the GSA, they will now be able to sell directly to the government.

Governments around the world have deployed Colligo’s solutions for SharePoint, and through our partnership with GMP, more government departments and agencies will be able to quickly increase employee adoption, engagement and productivity in order to maximize their investment in the SharePoint platform,” Ed Kaczor, Vice President of Sales for Colligo Networks said.

While Colligo gains when its resellers do, it also means that SharePoint is going to become more attractive for government departments.

And what might be good for government departments in the US, might also be good for government departments in Europe and elsewhere -- after all, IT-wise, everyone is watching the US.

The bottom line is that Colligo will be offering its document management and email management, and if there’s one thing a government department loves, it's piles of documents and a way to manage them, even if for Joe Public it makes little or no difference to their dealings with the government.

Colligo in 2012

But then it’s not really a surprise for us here at CMSWire. At the beginning of the year we predicted that Colligo would one of the companies to watch this year, and it looks like that’s already happening, even if its sooner than we expected.

Colligo has always been one of the SharePoint communities’ favorites because of its applications that offer offline access to SharePoint content, deep integration with Outlook and its metadata functionality.

Products to watch for, we said, included Colligo Administrator and Colligo Email Manager, while one of the most interesting products is Colligo Briefcase, an iPad application that allows users to securely sync and view SharePoint documents and lists on their mobile devices.

Are we heading to a situation where government employees will be able to manage and work on all their documents while mobile and through iPad? The spread of iPad has certainly given them the hardware; now easy access to document and Outlook management through Colligo completes the equation and the answer would seem to be yes.

Are we looking at a new era of mobile government? A little bit exaggerated, maybe, but certainly we are likely to be seeing a lot more Colligo around federal offices.