There seems to be no shortage of SharePoint deployments, and,  thanks to consumerization, iPads floating around most corporate offices these days. The risk of sensitive data being accidentally exposed is enough to make the network security team break into a cold sweat. SharePoint solution provider Colligo’s new iPad app for iPad may be just the thing they need.

More Secure SharePoint Access

Colligo Networks has released Colligo Briefcase Enterprise, which provides additional security features while viewing, editing or storing SharePoint content on iPad. Unlike similar applications in the space, Briefcase does a good job at balancing end-user ease of use with enterprise security features like:

  • A separate password for accessing the Briefcase application
  • AES-256 bit hardware-based encryption for stored content
  • Remote data wipe
  • Ability to wipe data after 10 failed login attempts
  • Restricted access to SharePoint sites and cached content
  • Restricted content sharing
  • Support for all SharePoint authentication methods

The app runs on iPad or iPad2 with iOS 4.2 or later with SharePoint 2007 and later. It is unclear when or if Briefcase will support Android-based devices. Briefcase is complimented by Colligo’s Administrator, which is a server-based tool that IT can use to centrally configure Briefcase settings, push sites to Briefcase, deploy briefcase automatically and monitor use.

As consumerization continues to expand and become the enterprise norm, organizations will be seeking solutions to minimize the risk of personal devices connecting to corporate networks. Colligo’s solution is likely the first of many to address the SharePoint / iPad space.

Getting More Information

Briefcase is available now, but pricing was not available. You can request additional information from Colligo. In addition to the enterprise edition, Colligo is also offering a free version, Briefcase Lite, which is available on the Apple App Store. The lite version has most of the features of the enterprise edition but:

  • Only supports one SharePoint site
  • Limits synchronization options
  • Has a maximum synchronization cache of 50MB
  • Disables enterprise security options

Are you accessing SharePoint content on a personal device? How is your organization securing the content?