Collaborative task management software provider Comindware is now offering Tracker, a solution designed to coordinate, automate and track multiple processes from multiple workflows in a unified manner.


To support Tracker, Comindware uses a proprietary technology it calls ElasticData that enables users to create solutions that fit specific requirements of industries and departments. Meanwhile, technology called ConnectStep automatically generates a sequence of tasks that are assigned to specific individuals with priorities and deadlines. Commindware says this feature eliminates the need to hold meetings for status updates, and users gain access to Tracker via a Microsoft Outlook-like visual, drag-and-drop interface. A task management application creates a single task list for all workflows in all departments.

Other notable Tracker features include real-time reporting functionality, a Web services-based API that enables users to connect Tracker with third-party systems, full integration with Microsoft Outlook, internal social networking capability including conversation threads, and accessibility from any enterprise point -- including mobile devices.

Eliminating ‘Predictable Chaos’

According to an article in, Comindware Tracker can help enterprises avoid the “predictable chaos” that results from “work (being) scattered across spreadsheets, emails, notes and other documents.” This chaos often produces “work disorientation, no visibility, no control and likely project failure.” However, by providing real-time visibility and simultaneously solving document management problems, Tracker can assist “team task tracking, project execution and daily workflow automation.” also notes that Tracker is available either as an on-demand cloud solution (powered by Amazon) or installed on premises.

Learning Opportunities

Rectifying Human Behavior

Tracker appears to offer an answer to one of the most serious problems facing enterprises trying to organize their workflows and processes -- human behavior. As reported in a 2011 CMSWire article, a Forrester report determined that “human behavior creates more logjams than most system integrations.”

Among the common human-related problems Forrester identified were lack of familiarity with common technology and terminology, inconsistent definitions of business process and political struggles by rival teams over process management. Despite internal power struggles, many organizations also find that nobody wants to officially take management of a process or project.

Forrester recommended that companies implement enterprise social systems to facilitate knowledge, engage numerous employees at once and deliver relevant and information through a streamlined workflow. While Tracker does have a social component, the solution goes beyond social with features that can also help eliminate the human issues identified by Forrester. For example, automated task generation and assignment removes squabbling over who has to take on what specific responsibilities, a single task list helps everyone define a process in the same way and real-time visibility allows managers to quickly identify problems and their root causes, which in many cases will be directly related to people.

Automation ideally does not replace human intuition and creativity but augments it with hard logic and statistical certainties. Tracker appears to be designed around this ideal.