Component CMS Vasont Adds Support for oXygen XML Editor

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Component CMS Vasont Adds Support for oXygen XML Editor
Component content management provider Vasont has announced an integration with the oXygen XML editor, which will allow users to edit andreview XML more efficiently. 

Easier XML Editing

Vasont’s content management system allows organizations to manage content as independent XML components that users can combine and reused to create documents. For example, if an organization creates a product description that will appear on a page in a catalog, website and a training manual, component content management allows them to reuse the content without recreating it. If the content needs to be edited or translated, users only have to change it one place instead editing multiple pages and possibly making a mistake.

To make creating and managing content for the CMS easer, Vasont provides a Universal Integrator (VUI) that adds CMS workflow tasks to users’ favorite editor. Currently, Vasont supports several third-party tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Quark XML Author and JustSystems XMetal. Now, the company has added support for SyncRO’s Soft <oXygen/> XML editor in both its perpetual license and software-as-a-service (SaaS) versions.

Learning Opportunities

Using the new oXygen integration, users can search for content in the Vasont and reuse it without leaving oXygen. Users can also retrieve templates from the Vasont CMS to create new documents in a consistent format. Once users have finished editing, the content can be loaded back into Vasont CMS. Users don’t have to learn a new or specialized editor or move between tools to edit content. In addition to oXygen’s integration with the core CMS, Vasont has also integrated the editor with WebLNX. WebLNX is a browser-based tool targeted at contributors who aren’t familiar with XML.

Getting More Information

The new oXygen extension is available now. Users should contact Vasont to get additional details.