They ran in same technical circles -- NoSQL cool kids. Membase had an open CTO search; CouchOne (newssite) had an open CEO search. It was a match made in data management heaven. Membase and CouchOne have announced their merger to form Couchbase. What does this merger mean for users and the noSQL movement?

Introducing NoSQL Marriage: Couchbase

The company will offer a data management platform that consolidates Apache CouchDB document database technology, memcached distributed caching technology and the Membase data flow and cluster management system into one platform.

CouchOne and Membase are two of the most popular players in the rapidly emerging NoSQL market with over 10 million combined deployments. CouchOne, founded by CouchDB creator Damien Katz, provides database solutions powered by the Apache CouchDB database project. The company has consistently challenged the public perception that NoSQL is just for big data by offering solutions targeted at the mobile platform. Membase is known for its NoSQL-backed high-performance distributed caching technology. Its core technology is leveraged by web giants such as Zynga, Twitter, Facebook and 18 of the  20 largest websites. The companies joining is a big deal for NoSQL data management.

CMSWire spoke with James Phillips, co-founder and senior vice president of products, Membase and Damien Katz, co-founder and CEO, CouchOne, regarding Couchbase. Katz will serve as CTO and Bob Wiederhold , current Membase CEO, as CEO.

CouchOne and Membase management feel that the merger positions Couchbase to be a leader in the NoSQL market because the combined capabilities fill functional gaps each vendor was working to address.


Combined CouchOne and Membase capabilities

The new product line is scheduled for release over the upcoming months will include:

  • Elastic Couchbase [Membase Server]: Will be renamed Elastic Couchbase in a forthcoming release, and will combine Membase, memcached and CouchDB technology to provide high-performance caching, elastic clustering and document database features
  • Couchbase: A lightweight, non-clustered Couchbase edition for developers and small Couchbase production deployments
  • Mobile Couchbase: A database embeddable into native mobile applications that supports offline and online access; initially supports only iOS
  • Hosted Couchbase: A cloud-based Couchbase database

What the Merger Means for CouchOne and Membase Customers

According to Katz,

"To me, the most exciting thing about the Couchbase merger is that we are able to more quickly give users of both technologies the features they've been clamoring for. CouchDB users will acquire the high performance, high scale, simple-fast-elastic capabilities of Membase, while Membase users will acquire CouchDB's indexing features (map/reduce view, Lucene, R-Tree GeoCouch), replication, reliability and a clear path to mobile integration. This is clearly a win-win-win for us and for our customers and users."

Katz and Phillips indicated that as the technologies are integrated, they are committed to minimizing customer impact. Upgrading to the Couchbase solution should require no downtime beyond a server reboot. This news should alleviate some of the concerns and challenges about adopting the new product line for organizations that must be constantly available.

Is the merger of CouchOne and Membase the start of a consolidation trend in the NoSQL market? As the market matures to meet growing mobile and big-data needs, will vendors find common ground and join forces to offer more comprehensive solutions? What are your thoughts?