For everyone that is predicting the demise of Dell, today’s announcement of its summer 2013 update of the cloud integration platform Boomi AtomSphere as well as the announcement that it is to buyingEnstratius, a provider of cloud management software, shows old dogs can do new tricks.


Dell Refocuses

While the  announcements are interesting in themselves from an IT perspective, the fact that Dell is moving so aggressively at a time when it is feeling the fullimpact of the decline of the PC market, points to brighter and more competitive future for the ailing giant.

You may recall that Michael Dell has been trying to take the company off the public market and privatize it again in order to refocus its operations and stage what will be -- if it happens --one of the biggest turnarounds in IT history in recent years.

One of the measures he proposed was to shift its focus away from hardware and turn to software,and while there has been evidence over the past few months that this re-focusing is underway, these two announcements have to be the most confident statement of that new intent to date.

Boomi Cloud Integration

Boomi will certainly give it a better hold in the cloud than it had before. With the summer 2013 release,Dell is expanding its cloud integration abilities with the addition of API management as well as support for Integration Packs and process libraries.

This effectively offers enterprises the ability to connect cloud-based applications with those that are based on-premises without having to add new applications or software that is not just difficult to integrate, but can also cost a tidy penny.

Strong demand by business leaders for real-time, cloud-based services is forcing software developers to rethink legacy ETL integration in light of the real-time integration of cloud, social, mobile and machine-to-machine solutions with existing mission-critical applications,” said Chris McNabb, general manager, Dell Boomi.

Boomi API Management

The summer release also comes with API management will enable enterprises secure, monitor, measure and scale web services of increasing complexity.

Dell has also announced the release of Boomi Integration Packs for ISVs and SaaS providers. The integration packs enable IT department manage changes in the infrastructure from a central location.

Learning Opportunities

As a result SaaS providers can now avail of a “change once and deploy everywhere” feature that manages integrations with a single change to the central system.

The final upgrade here is the introduction of process libraries that make it easy to capture best practices and intellectual property and apply those processes through templates to multiple clients.

Dell Buys Enstratius

But that is not the only cloud goodness from Dell this week. It has also announced theacquisition ofEnstratius,a 2008 start-up that provides cloud management software, for an undisclosed sum.

Enstratius fits in nicely with Dell’s other cloud news by providing application management across private, public and hybrid clouds, offering automated application provisioning, scaling and application configuration as well as usage governance and monitoring.

It also supports more than 20 public and private cloud platforms including VMWare, Rackspace, Azure and Amazon Web Services. More from Dell as it happens.

Image courtesy of Pakhnyushcha (Shutterstock)