E-Discovery: Predictive Tagging, Simple Tools, New Suites at Legal Show #ilta11

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It's obvious that the International Legal Technology Association is having its annual meeting (this time in Nashville -- yee haw): E-Discovery vendors are coming out of the woodwork to make product announcements. Here's a few.

KCura Announces Downloads, Partner Apps

Recently placed in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner's first e-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura announced two applications for its Relativity e-Discovery platform for download, as well as applications from its partners. 

  • Fact Manager assists with case strategy and analysis throughout the various phases of litigation; it lets you organize the details of a matter, including facts, issues, people, organizations and documents
  • Relativity User Import App lets you import a list of users into Relativity via a CSV file, which eliminates the need to create users manually
  • kCura now has eight applications available via its applications page, with newer additions from RenewData and PureDiscovery
  • Nexidia has developed a plug-in designed to help clients more efficiently review and analyze electronic audio files as part of litigation discovery and regulatory compliance matters; Nexidia has integrated its audio and video search into Relativity using its open API, which lets users link audio and video files identified in Nexidia’s Forensic Search software into Relativity for review and organize, code and play back relevant recordings from within Relativity’s review interface using the Nexidia platform

Exterro Introduces Discovery Suite

Exterro introduced Fusion LawFirm, an e-discovery software suite that lets legal teams deliver enhanced project management services to corporate clients across the e-Discovery spectrum using a flat-fee pricing model.

It can be run either onsite or as a SaaS and supports exports to common review platforms, including Concordance, kCura Relativity and Access Data. Exterro said it is intended to be easy for law firms to install and use themselves.

Applied Discovery Offers Update, Predictive Tagging

Applied Discovery has partnered with Equivio Inc. to offer its clients predictive tagging features. Predictive tagging expedites the review process beyond the capabilities of keyword or concept search by applying statistical analysis on large data sets, reducing the amount of manual review time necessary.

Learning Opportunities

Applied Discovery is also releasing an update to Leverage Review. It includes a modular search "canvas," which lets users control the order of search criteria and refine searches. Another new feature lets users concurrently run separate searches with differing search parameters, which allows nested searches or complex searches to be run all at once, instead of in sequence.

ZyLAB Tool is So Simple Even Attorneys Can Use It 

ZyLAB announced a self-service data sampling tool for estimating the composition of large data volumes and measuring the quality of collections, search strategies, tagging accuracy, productions and various other parameters defined by end users, including attorneys and paralegals.

The ZyLAB Data Sampler provides a customizable wizard interface with a random sequence algorithm. On the front end, associates, paralegals and litigation support professionals select the parameters they wish to sample and run the randomizer. The sampling ratio is generally dictated by lead counsel based on risk tolerance, the purpose of the sample and industry benchmarks for different scenarios.

For example, a legal team might want to verify that the pattern used to redact Social Security numbers and account numbers worked properly and did not redact responsive material; a significant random sample could demonstrate this and be used in legal proceedings.